At Tokenscope, we aim to play a vital role in educating businesses about the potential of blockchain technology and the emerging class of digital assets. Our goal is to help companies anticipate disruptions to their industry and capitalize on new opportunities the technology introduces. A new era of commerce is beginning and Tokenscope aims to provide the tools and expertise to help our clients navigate it every step of the way.


        Tokenscope was founded in 2018 by a group of researchers and crypto enthusiasts. Amid the frenzy and explosion of new currencies, tokens, and digital assets these last few years, it became clear that a critical perspective was needed to filter through the noise and the hype. It became extremely difficult for investors, businesses, and consumers to separate the new blockchain projects that have the potential to truly revolutionize whole industries from the projects that held little promise or were even borderline frauds.


         Utilizing past experience as researchers, we decided to provide the market intelligence and due diligence that is so desperately needed here. So, we publish free research and offer personalized advisory and consulting services so investors and businesses can start to enter the space with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed. We have staff located in Los Angeles and Dallas.

Connor DiGregorio





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Originally from Texas, Connor has been involved in the crypto space since 2015. He attended the University of Miami where he majored in Economics and International Relations. After working as a business journalist abroad in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, he moved to Los Angeles for a position as an economic researcher at the global market research firm IBISWorld. Connor decided to launch Tokenscope in early 2018 and functions as the senior consultant and the head of the research department. 



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